Two letter scrabble words

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Found 127 two letter scrabble words.

aa 2 a volcanic rock consisting of angular blocks of lava with a very rough surface
ab 4 an abdominal muscle
ad 3 (colloquial) an advertisement
ae 2 (Scots) one, also YAE
ag 3 (short for) agriculture
ah 5 an interjection expressing surprise, joy etc. / to say ah
ai 2 a three-toed sloth
al 2 an East Indian tree
am 4 BE, to exist
an 2 the indefinite article / a dialect form of if, an additional consideration, as in ifs and ans
ar 2 the letter R
as 2 a Norse god living in Asgard / a gravel ridge or kame / a Roman coin
at 2 a monetary unit of Laos
aw 5 an interjection used to express disgust, sympathy
ax 9 (US) to chop with a cutting tool
ay 5 an affirmative vote, also AYE
ba 4 the soul, in ancient Egyptian religion
be 4 to exist
bi 4 (short for) a bisexual
bo 4 a pal, a buddy
by 7 a pass to the next round (of a competition, etc.), also BYE
ch 7 a dialect form of I, also CHE
da 3 a heavy Burmese knife
de 3 from (as used in names)
di 3 DEUS, god
do 3 a party, celebration / to perform
ea 2 (dialect) a river
ed 3 (short for) education
ee 2 (Scots) an eye
ef 5 the letter F
eh 5 to say 'Eh', expressing enquiry
el 2 (US) an elevated railroad
em 4 a unit of measurement in printing
en 2 a unit of measurement in printing, half the width of an em
er 2 used to express hesitation
es 2 the letter S, also ESS
et 2 EAT, to consume food
ew 5 {mdash} used to express disgust
ex 9 the letter X / to cross out
fa 5 a musical note, also FAH
fe 5 a Hebrew letter, also PE, PEH
fi 5
fy 8 expressing disapproval, also FIE
gi 3 (Japanese) a loose-fitting white suit worn in judo, karate, and other martial arts
go 3 A circumstance or occurrence; an incident.
gu 3 an old Shetland viol, also GUE, GJU
ha 5 expressing surprise
he 5 a male person or animal
hi 5 an interjection used as a greeting
hm 7 an interjection expressing thoughtful consideration, also HMM, HMMM
ho 5 to stop
id 3 a fish of the carp family, aka silver orfe, also IDE
if 5 a condition
in 2 to take in e.g. harvest
io 2 a cry of joy
is 2 BE, to exist
it 2 the neuter of he she him or her
ja 9 yes (from German)
jo 9 a Scottish sweetheart, also JO
ka 6 to serve, also KAE
ki 6 (Japanese) the spirit of Japanese martial art
ko 6 a Maori digging-stick
ky 9 cattle, also KYE
la 2 the sixth tone of the diatonic scale, also LAH
li 2 a Chinese unit of distance
lo 2 (archaic) an interjection meaning see, look
ma 4 (colloquial) mother
me 4 the third note of the musical scale
mi 4 the third note of the musical scale
mm 6 an interjection expressing agreement or enjoyment, also MMM
mo 4 a moment
mu 4 (Greek) a letter of the Greek alphabet
my 7 possessive form of I
na 2 (Scots) no, not at all
ne 2 not / nor
no 2 a negative reply or vote
nu 2 a Greek letter
ny 5 to approach, also NIE, NIGH, NYE
ob 4 (short for) an objection
od 3 a hypothetical force supposed by Reichenbach to account for magnetism etc.
oe 2 (Scots) a grandchild, also OY, OYE
of 5 belonging to
oh 5 to exclaim in surprise
oi 2 a New Zealand bird, the grey-faced petrel
ok 6 all right
om 4 an intoned Hindu sacred symbol
on 2 to go on
oo 2 (Scots) wool
op 4 (short for) an operation
or 2 the heraldic tincture gold
os 2 (Latin) a bone / a mouthlike opening / an esker
ou 2 (South Africa) a man, a bloke
ow 5 an interjection expressing pain
ox 9 a hoofed mammal / a clumsy person
oy 5 (Scots) a grandchild, also OE, OYE
pa 4 (Maori) a hill fort, also PAH
pe 4 a Hebrew letter, also FE, PEH
pi 4 a letter in the Greek alphabet / to mix type indiscriminately
po 4 (short for) chamberpot
qi 11 (Chinese) a life force, also KI
re 2 in tonic sol-fa, the second note of the scale
sh 5 an interjection requesting silence, also SHA, SHH, SHHH
si 2 an earlier form of ti, a musical note
so 2 the fifth tone of the scale, also SOL
st 2 hush
ta 2 an expression meaning thank you
te 2 (In tonic sol-fa) the seventh degree of any major scale
ti 2 the seventh tone of the diatonic musical scale
to 2 in the direction of
ug 3 to arouse loathing in
uh 5 used to express hesitation
um 4 to express doubt or hesitation, also UMM
un 2 (dialect) a spelling of 'one' intended to reflect a dialectal or informal pronunciation
up 4 to raise
ur 2 expressing hesitation
us 2 the objective case of the first person plural pronoun
ut 2 the musical tone C
we 5 the first person plural pronoun
wo 5 (archaic) woe, also WAE
xi 9 the fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet
xu 9 the currency of Vietnam, also SAU
ya 5 an Asian pear
ye 5 (archaic) you
yo 5 an expression of calling for attention
yu 5 (Chinese) a precious jade
za 11 (slang) pizza
zo 11 (Tibetan) a cross between a yak and a cow, also DSO, DZHO, DZO, ZHO

How often letter is used in two-letter scrabble words?

  • o - 34
  • a - 31
  • e - 27
  • i - 21
  • u - 14
  • m - 13
  • h - 11
  • y - 11
  • n - 10
  • s - 9
  • t - 9
  • d - 8
  • b - 7
  • f - 7
  • p - 6
  • r - 5
  • w - 5
  • x - 5
  • l - 5
  • g - 5
  • k - 5
  • j - 2
  • z - 2
  • c - 1
  • q - 1

Letters that are not used in words: v
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