Scrabble Score Calculator



Bingo: + 50 points for 7 letters.

info: If you need to count the word with blanks, just do not enter them. Also, the order of letters does not affect the result.

Scrabble Words with STUM

stumm9 stump9 stums7 stumer8 stumps10 stumpy13 costume11 frustum12 restump11 stumble11 stumbly14 stumers9 stummed12 stummel11 stumped12 stumper11 costumed13 costumer12 costumes12 costumey15 custumal12 frustums13 restumps12 stumbled13 stumbler12 stumbles12 stummels12 stumming13 stumpage13 stumpers12 stumpier12 stumpies12 stumpily15 stumping13 costumers13 costumery16 costumier13 costuming14 custumals13 custumary16 impostume15 restumped14 stumblers13 stumblier13 stumbling14 stumpages14 stumpiest13 stumpings14 stumpwork20 costumiers14 impostumed17 impostumes16 restumping15 stumblebum18 stumbliest14 stumpiness14 stumpworks21 costumings15 costumeries15 custumaries15 impostumate17 stumblebums19 stumblingly19 impostumated19 impostumates18 stumpinesses16 impostumating20 impostumation19 impostumations20

Letter Values

The number at each letter is indicated the points of the letter.
The score of blanks is zero.

Scoring Each Play

The score for each turn is the sum of the letter values in each word formed or modified during the play, plus the additional points obtained from placing letters on premium squares. A turn using all seven tiles earns a 50-point bonus. Such a play is commonly called a “Bingo.”

Double and Triple Letter Bonus Squares

The letter contained on the square with the mark of doubling the letter points doubles its value.
The letter contained on the square with the mark of tripling the letter points triples its value.

Double and Triple Word Bonus Squares

If at least one letter of the word is placed on a square with a mark "Double Word Score" or center square it doubles the score of an entire word.
If at least one letter of the word is placed on a square with a mark "Triple Word Score" it triples the score for an entire word.

Several premium squares of word multiplication

If the word is placed in squares doubles or triplets more than once, the Word doubles or triples as many times as many squares it takes.

Bonus Squares Score on One Turn Only

The letter premium squares and the word premium squares apply only to the turn in which they are originally covered by a word. In all subsequent turns, letters on those squares count only at face value.

Using the Blank on a DWS or TWS

When a blank tile is played on a Double Word Score square or a Triple Word Score square, the value of the word is doubled or tripled even though the blank itself has a zero score value.
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